Luxury treatments for your feet

We offer a range of pedicures and bootie treatments.

This treatment includes foot soak, cuticle removal, hard skin removal, nails shaped and then gel polish applied super and glossy, lasts for weeks.
 1 hour | £35.00
Gel soak off and gel pedicure £40.00
A soak off gel, thermal bootie with gel £45.00
A luxury foot treatment to improve the circulation and condition of the feet.The treatment consists of a foot and a leg massage, heated booties,cuticle work, foot scrub,hard skin removal, cut and file nails and polish
 1 hour 1/4 hour | £35.00 with normal polish | £39.00 with gel polish
Involves a foot spa massage, cuticles , nails clipped, hard skin removal using a credo blade if needed, rasp, foot scrub, foot and leg massage and varnish.
 1 hour | £32.00 with normal polish

This treatment includes using a PH foot peel to remove dead skin, soften rough patches.

This treatment is ideal for anybody who suffers with very dry skin on there feet it leaves the feet soft, restoring the comfort level and moisture to the skin.

30 mins | £30.00
Clarins Eau Extraordinaire

“Relaxing pedicure done excellently, as ever. Thank you”