Mary Cohr Facials

Mary Cohr

Mary Cohr has been developed to be natural as possible, without GMO and without parabens, but which allows the skin to draw its nourishment from active core botanical ingredients.

An exclusive treatment method to visibly and instantly reduce signs of ageing wrinkles, loss of firmness, dark spots, dehydration, dull complexion. The treatment includes an exfoliation, massage and mask.

 1 hour | £52.50
Deep Cleansing Treatment using a Thermoclean electrode that deep cleanses the skin, eliminating excess sebum and impurities leaving the skin cleansed, purified, draining the skin tissues and relieving the tension in the face
 30 mins | £32.00

This facial is recommended in a course to get maximum benefit. It begins with an anti-ageing tissue draining which relieves tension due to fatigue and ageing. The Facial features are then lifted using muscle stimulation helps lift the skin and boost muscle tone. This facial has a lifting massage with essential oils and a anti-ageing mask.

 1 hour 15 minutes | £53.00

This facial includes a heated mask to eliminate impurities from the skin. Using dynamic ionisation the skin is visibly more youthful-looking and supple. This treatment helps restore the cellular activity of youthful skin includes a relaxing massage and anti ageing mask.

 1 hour 15 minutes | £53.00

Visible signs of ageing are erased, the complexion appears brighter, fresh and luminous , and brown spots reduced. This peeling treatment is adapted to the skins level of sensitivity, the facial includes a regenerating massage and a soothing mask.

 1 hour | £50.00

Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away, while dark circles and puffiness are diminished. The eye area appears rejuvenated and more youthful. This is a lovely relaxing treatment to help fine lines, puffiness, dark circles gives an uplifting rejuvenated effect to the eye area.

 45 minutes | £32.00

Mary Cohr Pedi Peel also available as part of our Foot Care treatments

Mary Cohr Catio Vital
Mary Cohr - Age Firming